Faster heating times with reduced temperatures means energy efficient cooking and a saving on energy costs.

Induction cooktops offer significant benefits in comparison to electricity and gas. Enhanced safety, less heat lost to the atmosphere (60 to 70% more energy efficient) means induction is here to stay.

stainless steel cookware on a glass cooktop set into a bench top

Best Stainless Steel Cookware

The surface is hard and non-porous providing a smooth cooking surface. The advantage stainless steel has over non stick cookware is that over time the layer of non-stick coating film may peel or become uneven. Whereas the smooth surface of stainless steel doesn’t diminish in quality and withstands wear and tear. Stainless steel cookware is durable and easily cleaned.

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larger stainless steel duxtop saucepan and pasta strainer

Duxtop Induction Cookware

Duxtop cookware has been designed with induction cooktops in mind although the cookware performs just as well on gas, glass or electric. It’s a product of Secura, a company that produces induction cooktops. The cookware is stainless steel, with a base of aluminium layed between 2 layers of stainless steel ensuring heat is evenly distributed through the pan, promoting even cooking

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frying an egg in a non-stick pan with no mess

Non Stick Induction Cookware Set

The benefit of non stick cookware is that you don’t need to add oils to stop food sticking and so contributes to healthy eating. Non stick is particularly useful when cooking eggs or pancakes that stick easily, for example. Another big tick is the pans don’t react to acidic foods like tomatoes and are extremely easy to clean. Note: Don’t use sharp cooking utensils like metal forks or spoons as they can damage the non-stick coating

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using a portable induction cooktop

Portable Induction Cooktops

Enjoy the benefits of induction cooktops anywhere with these portable cooktops. Whether you’re hitting the road in the RV, going on a family vacation, or attending a convention and planning to cook in your room. Needing an extra cooking space at home for entertaining? These are the perfect solution

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Induction Cookware

Maximise efficiency and minimise wasted energy using the best induction cookware. Construction material is important and the pots and pans need to have a ferrous base to be compatible with induction cooktop technology. Designed to rapidly heat and evenly distribute heat pots and pans should match the size of the cooking zones closely

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grilling chicken in tfal fry pan

Best T Fal Cookware

The Ultimate Hard Anodized cookware set as the name implies is durable and built to last. Safe, non stick surfaces that are PFOA-free deliver even heat.If you're using an induction cooktop the T-fal Professional Total Nonstick Cookware is the option for you

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pot of boiling liquid demonstating high temperature induction reaches in a short time

Energy Efficient Solutions

When you use gas or electric cooktops a significant amount of energy is lost between the cooktop and the pan. The difference with induction is that energy is created within pan itself, heating and cooking the contents effectively utilising available energy. The cookware directly impacts the efficiency, so it’s important that the correct cookware is used. Induction is an energy efficient cooking solution

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Cheap Induction Cookware

Induction compatible cookware is needed to cook on induction cooktops. What does this mean? The cookware has to be ferrous (contain iron). Examples are cast iron, stainless steel, anodized aluminum. Cookware can be checked for compatibility by using a magnet. If it sticks you're ready to go. If not, induction interface disks can be purchased. Alternatively induction compatible cookware is very reasonably priced and versatile so it can be used on gas, electric, glass

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induction heat graphic design

How Does Induction Heating Work?

Using electromagnetism pans are turning into cookers. Heat is created inside the pan itself rather than from the outside as we see in gas and electric cooktops. When the pan is placed on the induction cooking plate the magnetic field produced from the coil in the cooktop reacts with the material in the pan inducing electrical currents and creating heat. Via conduction heat transfers from the pan to the food or liquid of the pan

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Care and Cleaning of Induction Cooktop

It’s actually much easier than cleaning a gas or electric stovetop. This is due to the lack of defined eyes. There are no burners, grates or burner covers to deal with. The cooking surface is also touch sensitive, meaning there are no knobs to clean around. The cooktop is a single, smooth, flat surface. However, there are a few tips you should know about the care and cleaning of any induction cooktop.

1.Wipe it down sooner rather than later. Although cleaning your induction cooktop isn’t difficult in most instances, it’s better to use a damp cloth or paper towel and wipe up spills as they occur. This prevents them from drying and becoming stuck on.

2.Regular Cleaning: You’ll need nothing more than a damp sponge, cloth or paper towel. For tougher stains, you can use a mild cooktop cleaner. Dry the unit with a clean, dry cloth.

3.For Heavier Soiling: If your cooktop becomes more heavily soiled, you can follow these tips. For hard water spots, use white vinegar and a paper towel. For dried on residues, use a specially formulated ceramic cooktop cleaner with a cooktop cleaning pad. Do not use steel wool or generic scrubbing pads, as these will scratch the surface. A cooktop scraper can be purchased for use on tough residues, but use care not to scratch your unit.

Induction Cooktop Safety

Induction operates at lower temperature than gas and electric and so the danger of burns from the surface is much less. Cooktops also have features like automatic safety switch-off. The cooktop turns off if there’s been no change in the temperature for an unusually long time. Auto Off – If a pan is not on a zone when the cooktop is switched on. Safety and system lock – prevents accidental switching on of the cooktop

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Best Small Induction Cooktop

If you’re looking for a temporary cooktop, portable induction cooktops are perfect.  Cheap, effective options to supply you with that extra cooking space. This is another area induction cooktops excel. Whether you’re needing an extra cooktop for entertaining, a temporary cooktop solution while renovating or a cooktop for the rv these work a treat. Want to cook at the table for a special dinner party? You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the price and how little room you need.

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