T-Fal non stick cookware on display complete with utensils

Review of the Innovative T Fal Non Stick Cookware

When you’re looking for the best value in cookware T Fal is hard to go past. It’s featured packed, it’s non-stick and with Thermo-spot technology your bases are covered making this value + for price. 

Choosing the T Fal cookware range that suits you depends on whether you’re cooking on an induction cooktop. 

The T-fal C515SC ‘Professional’ nonstick cookware is induction compatible so this is the range for you if you’re planning to cook on induction, particularly suitable for portable induction cooktops. Starting at just over $100 for 12 pieces, this set is a good, solid, basic starter set, but with features that are far more than basic.

If you don’t need induction compatible cookware and can stretch the budget a little further we suggest the T fal E765SC ‘Ultimate’ hard anodised cookware. It has the advantages of the professional range (T-fal C515SC ) enhanced.

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    Why T-fal

    T-fal Nonstick cookware set (Induction compatible)

    The big benefit with this cookware is that it shows you when your pan reaches the perfect pre-heated temperature setting. Because it can be used on any cooktop, including induction, it’s versatile and you don’t need to worry about changing saucepans if you change your cooktop in the future.

    closeup of the base of the t-fal frypan

    visual of the size of t fal pots and pans

    About the Product

    T-Fal Professional Nonstick ‘Thermo-Spot’ heat indicator, with induction compatible base. The cookware set comprises 12 pieces.

    Pro-Metal Pro’ is the name T fal has given to the non-stick coating of this cookware. PTFE coated pans or Teflon is the more well known name for the non stick product. It’s been around since the 1930’s and all research we’ve seen shows this to be safe and non-toxic.

    Non-stick technology makes cleaning up a breeze.

    Manufactured primarily from aluminum with a stainless steel disc base promotes even heating for cooking on a sturdy, rigid base. This construction method is the reason the range is induction compatible.

    Vented glass lids for the saucepans fit firmly. Check on your cooking without having to lift the lid and lose temperature.

    All cookware in the T-fal Professional set can be used on all cooktops including induction. Note: Exception is the ‘one egg wonder pan.

    What's different?

    Unique to T-fal cookware is the ‘Thermo-Spot’ ® technology which put simply, is a heat indicator. 

    The ‘spot’ turns solid red when the pan has reached optimal pre-heated temperature and ready for cooking. If you reduce the heat, temperature is maintained which prevents overheating. This feature is a point of difference from other brands and one that many cooks really like, not just the novices.

    what's included in the t fal cookware set

    Why we like it

    1. The outstanding feature is the Thermo-Spot heat indicator technology that tells you when your pan is at the perfect pre-heated temperature.

    The red circle in the pans lets you know if and when the pan is ready to go! You may think it’s an unnecessary feature, but once you have it, you’ll appreciate having the guesswork taken out of the equation of whether the pan is ready to use or not.

    2. We like that the handles on these pots and pans are riveted and coated in silicone making them easier to handle. The handles are designed to keep cool so you don’t burn yourself no matter how long you’ve been cooking. Comfortably pour or transfer the cooked contents of a pan or pot without losing your grip.

    3. The set is non-stick anodised cookware. A must when you want to make sure that your cooking doesn’t stick to the pans.

    Customer Experience

    Don’t just take our opinion, here’s an overview of reviews from other people who’ve purchased the cookware. When over 1600 people who use the cookware take time out to share their thoughts, we think it’s worth noting. That’s a lot more insight and user experienceMost people who’ve reviewed the product were very positive.



    What this means to you is if you’re purely going to be using the cookware on an induction cooktop, it may not be the best option. But if you use a portable induction cooktop as a supplement to your cooking spaces, this set will be more than adequate.

    The T-Fal Professional Nonstick Thermo-Spot Heat Indicator Induction Base Cookware set is a good option because not only is the inside of the cookware non-stick, but so is the outside. When it’s time for cleanup, you won’t be scrubbing food off of these pots and pans.

    If you’re wanting a cheap induction cookware set the T-fal Professional set is for you. It represents amazing value for money for a 12 piece set.

    Hard Anodized Aluminum cookware set

    T-fal E765SC Ultimate

    If you’re not cooking on induction, take a look at the T-fal Ultimate cookware. It’s a great value 12 piece set, with the features of the Professional range we’ve detailed above and stepped up.

    Even though the T fal E765SC Ultimate Hard Anodized is scratch resistant Titanium and is nonstick, it’s recommended that by using a small amount of oil when searing, sauteing or grilling the life of the non-stick coating will be extended.

    t fal cookware safetyTechnoResist Anti-Warp’ base: As the name suggests produces even heat distribution and excellent cooking results.

    Note: Not induction compatible

    Our research found nearly 5 thousand people have left their independent reviews publicly and almost 90% rate the set at least 4 1/2 to 5 stars out of 5 for performance.

    The Last Word

    Our Recommendation

    If you’re needing a good quality, budget friendly cook set that will work hard for you on cooktops other than induction, the T-fal E765SC Ultimate Hard Anodized cookware does the job nicely.

    Caring for your T Fal Cookware

    Even though the set is non-stick, to best care for cookware we recommend it’s worth ‘seasoning’ each pan before the first use.

    How to season cookware: Wash and dry each piece. Heat each pan for 30 seconds on a low setting. Add vegetable oil (about a teaspoon for each pan). Using a paper towel, rub over the surfaces.

    These pans are dishwasher safe. However to your keep pans performing at their best we suggest mostly hand washing. This helps protect the non-stick qualities. The use of harsh scrubbers to clean the surfaces isn’t necessary and cleaning with soft sponges should be adequate.

    For the same reason although the manufacturer says its safe to use metal utensils, if you want to keep the cookware at it’s best we suggest using non metal utensils.

    the complete non stick tfal set with the red dot technology

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