complete 17 piece set of Duxtop Cookware

Duxtop’s Induction Compatible Cookware

Commercial grade stainless steel coupled with impact bonded technology simply means Duxtop cookware is made for efficient cooking.

Cookware suitable for all cooktops and with 17 useful pieces make this is a comprehensive and versatile set. Not only is the brushed finish stylish, but more importantly, the cookware performs well.

There’s lots to love about this range including the measurement range inside the pots. And for less than $250 you’re buying a complete stainless steel cookware set. Cooking is easy; you can use the same saucepan and switch between cooktop and oven cooking and then move to the fridge to store. Time-saving cooking, translates into convenience and less mess.

We’ve checked out the features of the Duxtop SSIB-17 Professional 17 piece stainless steel cookware set, both pros and cons, and show why it deserves to be on our list of best induction cookware and may be the perfect choice for you.

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    Why Duxtop cookware?

    picture of pasta basket with a steamer basket

    About the Product

    Cooking like a professional is easier with the ranges of budget friendly stainless steel cookware sets on the market. The Duxtop 17-piece stainless steel induction compatible cookware is a prime example.

    It features ‘impact-bonded technology’ that gives top-quality results. Simply explained, aluminium has been added between layers of commercial grade stainless steel on the base. This acts as an efficient heat conductor and gives the cookware the ability to distribute heat evenly. To the cook, it means no hot spots and even cooking.

    You’ll find the cookware has been designed with creative cooks in mind and lets you tackle more complicated recipes easily. Pots and pans that are serviceable and allow you to ‘one-pot’ cook, transitioning between cooktop, oven cooking and fridge without a problem.

    What's included?

    A lot of thought has gone into this cookware design.

    Suitable for induction cooking but can also be used on a variety of other cooktops, such as gas stoves, infrared, ceramic and glass cooktops. This makes it incredibly versatile and a good addition to any home cook’s kitchen. You don’t need to change your cookware if you change your cooktop in the future. Our cooksets usually serve us for many years so spending a little more on the initial investment is well worthwhile.

    duxton induction cookwareCommercial grade stainless steel construction of these pans means longevity.

    The type of cooking surface means the pans are easy to clean. Even cooking with acidic foods doesn’t negatively impact the surface.

    The handles on each of the pans are ergonomically shaped and riveted making them easy to hold while you pour food from the pans.

    We love the fact that both the 8 and 10 inch frying pans have more depth than most fry pans. This is a ‘good to have’ feature that I use a lot.

    And importantly, the aluminum encapsulated bottom ensures the heat is evenly distributed throughout the pan, preventing hotspots and even cooking benefits.

    What we Like

    Any self-proclaimed chef understands the importance of having a high-quality cookware set. Although high quality sets may be more expensive, they’re well worth the investment if you want consistently good results.

    The Duxtop 17 piece stainless steel induction set is cookware that’s especially designed for induction cooking, but is well-suited for other types of cooking surfaces. The base of these pots and pans is made from a heavy gauge, impact bonded aluminum that eliminates hot spots while cooking. Your food cooks evenly without burning.

    • If you like a heavier weighted pan these should be a good choice for you.

    The reason they’re a little heavier is because of the technology used. Firstly the aluminum core in the encapsulated base is heavier and secondly Duxtop uses impact bonding which results in the cookware being heavier. The extra weight works very well on induction. 

    Note: It’s important to remember that this set is not non-stick cookware, which means you will need to ‘season’ the cookware and use either vegetable oil, butter or non-stick cooking spray.

    what's included in the duxtop stainless steel cookware set

    We think that this stainless steel cookware set provides great value. It’s a complete package with several saucepans, a casserole pan, stock pot, frying pans, lids, a boiler and a steamer basket, as well as 3 cooking utensils.

    Customer Experience

    This is how other people who have purchased, and use, this cookware rate their experience with the cookware.

    With over 900 people taking time to review the product independently and 80% giving it a 5/5 rating and another 10% 4 out of 5, it’s a top choice in anyone’s book. Not surprisingly the vast majority have nothing but positive feedback.



    Editor: It’s important to ‘season’ your cookware before first use to avoid sticking. See care instructions below

    stock pot with lid showing the quanity markings inside the pan

    Our Summary

    When you’re ready to step away from the hand-me-down pots and pans you may have collected throughout the years, you can’t go wrong with the Duxtop induction cookware. And did I mention 17 pieces priced under $250?

    It’s good to know that the manufacturer stands by their product with a lifetime limited warranty. That’s your backup should you experience any problems. How awesome is that for value?

    How to season cookware

    • Before the first use wash, rinse and dry all the pots and pans.
    • Place the pan over a medium heat and lightly coat the inside of the pan using a vegetable oil (for example canola, avocado, sunflower or safflower oi) and leave over heat until it smokes. 
    • Remove and let the pan completely cool, then wipe with a paper towel.
    • This process can be repeated as often as necessary to minimize sticking of food.

    Last thoughts and our suggestions

    1. Don’t use the highest temperature setting on your cooktop or oven. The cookware is conductive which means heat is efficiently distributed from the bottom up the sides of the cookware. Medium to medium-high is usually enough and at this temperature liquid will boil.

    2. We prefer using plastic, silicone or wooden utensils. Even though you can use metal utensils they will cause surface scratches.

    3. The Duxtop SSIB professional pots and pans are dishwasher safe. However we suggest hand washing your cookware to keep them looking and performing their best for longer.

    4. When you’re finished cooking, let the pan cool to room temperature before adding soapy water and soak the pan. When you get around to cleaning the pan you’ll find it much easier.

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