If you’re like me and never have enough bench space and cooking area in your kitchen, you’re definitely in the right place.

Hi, my name is Lynne and I love nothing more than having my family and friends around to enjoy a casual meal with us.

I was introduced to induction when we were doing substantial renovations to our home about 3 years ago. The plan included redesigning the kitchen, dining, living and entertaining areas. I knew we were going to be without a useable kitchen for a short time, however I had no idea just how hard it was going to be, or the builder delays. (It seemed as though if something could go wrong, it did which kept pushing out the finish date.). As a result I was without my cooktop and useable bench space for much longer than I expected.

Because I was going to be updating all my kitchen appliances I had started looking at options including induction cooktops and ovens. But I have to admit I really wasn’t sure which way to go. I’d heard about the instant heat of induction and safety for little ones because the surface doesn’t get hot but I’d only ever cooked with gas and electric before. After all change can be hard so I wasn’t yet convinced.

Our renovation was dragging on, it was getting too cold to keep cooking all our meals on the barbecue (and my family and I were totally over bbq meals and quick take-aways).  Fortunately this forced me to look at a temporary cooking option. That’s when I decided to try a portable induction cooktop. This was an opportunity to give it a try. I figured at the price I was going to pay for a portable one if it lasted for the next few months that was OK.

I was pleasantly surprised. I bought the portable induction cooktop as a cheap solution for my short term problem and it’s ended up being really handy.

It’s very light so it’s easy to take when I go away. I’ve often taken it when we’ve gone away to visit family. We tend to get together with friends and relatives when we’re away and need a fair amount of cooking space.

And it’s so easy to cook at the table. Martin can be cooking the meat or chicken on the barbecue and I’ll saute some vegs or a yummy rice dish at the table. It’s great. We’re all together and I’m not stuck in the kitchen.

When I do want to entertain more formally at home I’ve found having the extra cooktop available has been invaluable. And it’s easy to just store it away until next time. (It doesn’t take much space at all).

My experience has been very good. That’s why I’ve put this information together.  If you need a cooking space when you’re on the road in an RV, you need a cooking space in a dorm or just want to have an extra cooktop on hand at home for when you’re juggling cooking a few dishes in the kitchen at once, then a portable induction cooktop is for you.

PS: I did end up putting a built-in induction cooktop into my kitchen as well.

Happy cooking


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